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Bible Foundation was incorporated in the State of Arizona October 13, 1987 and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The principal place of business is located in Newberg, Oregon.

The ministry has all volunteer workers. There is no paid staff. The multifaceted networking ministry has grown significantly since 1987. From the beginning days, select Bible passages (in both English and Spanish) have been printed on 3 by 5 inch slips of paper for free mass distribution. Over 300,000,000 have been published. The 48 selections (or portions) can be viewed on the web page .

With the objective of getting Scripture into hands and hearts everywhere, the ministry continued to expand using the latest technology. A computer bulletin board was established early in the ministry and later replaced with Internet web site Volunteers put public domain Bibles into electronic form, benefiting millions of people today.

The seed for the used Bible ministry began with two founding board members. They obtained used and very low cost Bibles and distributed them in parks around Phoenix, Arizona. In 1992 Bible Foundation launched its first annual October Bible Drive in the Pacific Northwest and has successfully promoted annual drives since. Bibles are collected and redistributed year 'round. The annual drive involves many radio stations, newspapers, Christian bookstores, churches, individuals, and other groups. The success in the Northwest has encouraged others around the country to also get involved. A network of regional collection centers developed allowing many to do Bible drives and have an outlet for all the surplus Bibles, including damaged and parts of Bibles. 1998 saw the launch of the USA NATIONWIDE OCTOBER BIBLE DRIVE. The network of collection centers includes AL, AR, AZ, CA, FL, GA. IL, KS, KY, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, and Canada. See

In 1988 Bible Foundation began providing Bible e-text files on a BBS in Phoenix, AZ. The BBS became the home site for the e-texts of the Webster, Darby, & Young's Bibles, plus other works, when they were produced. These e-texts were freely made available and are now found on a number of sites on the Internet and in a number of Bible software packages. Bible Foundation had to quit maintaining the e-text files but they live on and many people around the world have been greatly blessed. For some links to Bibles in many languages click here.

The MAILING BIBLES PROGRAM grew out of the demand from around the world for English Bibles. For many years most countries have been teaching English in their schools. English is a primary language of education, commerce, finance, travel and politics and in some countries it is the language of communication between various dialects. Thousands of letters would come in annually from around the world begging for Bibles. In 2005 a box of eleven pounds minimum of Bibles could be mailed to most countries in its own mailbag for a dollar a pound. In 2007 the US Postal Service discontinued the economy mail bag service, effectively raising mailing costs fourfold. This forced a change of focus from mailing to many individual addresses to networking with others for shipping much larger quantities to key contacts, using much more cost effective bulk shipping.

By networking with individuals, groups, and organizations, master collection centers are established and accept even damaged Bibles for shipping around the world. Many Collection points are established to receive and transport Bibles to them. Thousands of people help publicize, gather, acquire, store, pack, transport, and ship Bibles. Website provides information and contacts so everyone can help to the extent they are able.

In 1991 the FROM THE BIBLE syndicated newspaper column was established and has served approximately 140 papers around the country since then. Samples and a press release are available. A set of free giant print Scripture portions was developed to minister to the elderly.

TRAVELERS are often in a position where they could make friendly contacts and pass on small packages of Bible portions that would mean a great deal to the people receiving them. They are encouraged to develop their own Scripture Courier Ministry and carry small packages whenever possible.

TENTMAKERS AT HOME can serve the Lord in many ways. A person doesn't have to sell his home, move to a foreign country, learn a new language, and find employment in a strange land, to have a significant international ministry. Much can be done right at home, right at the kitchen table. Just publicizing the Bible Foundation ministries would be a significant work. Besides developing one's own ministry opportunities, there are many volunteer opportunities for anyone with a willing heart. Bible Foundation makes it easy for anyone to query and explore opportunities with no obligations. Having the belief that the Lord provides for what He wants done, there is no need to try forcing something he hasn't put together. There is great joy in seeing the Lord raise up the people He chooses and provide for the things He wants done.

DONORS have the opportunity to see one hundred percent of their contributions and bequests go to the acquisition and distribution of Scripture. Many of the people the Lord uses to distribute Scriptures do not have the funds to purchase them. Often they will say "Oh, I can't request too much because I can't afford to pay for it." They are encouraged to distribute what they can and let God use whomever He wishes to provide it.

EVERYONE is encouraged to develop a life time habit of reading the Bible and asking the Lord to reveal Himself through the words. In every circumstance of life ask Him for wisdom and then quietly listen to what He puts into the heart.

May the Lord be magnified; may His word go out, and may people be drawn to Him.

Bible drive materials are available from .