Recycle Bibles


The Bible collection and distribution program is designed to allow anyone to get as involved as they wish. With a little organization and a willingness to help, people can work independently or with others, doing a little or a lot. When networking with the efforts of thousands of others, everyone can get involved. In the USA used Bibles can easily be collected or purchased. Web page has a list of sources for Bibles, including in other countries.

People can send Bibles, postage, and/or money to Bible Foundation or one of the collection centers and let them do the distribution. Bible Foundation can also provide names and addresses of people around the world that can use large amounts of Bibles and freely redistribute them. Those desiring this list should contact Bible Foundation, identifying themselves and their location, and telling a little about themselves. Request the current key contact list.

Those living in the USA who are interested in getting involved with Bible drives and collecting on a larger scale can get the list of our regional collection centers. These centers accept Bibles, any condition, even parts of old Bibles. A word of caution: it takes more work and more expenses to move large quantities of Bibles to these centers. This network of collection centers is crucial for the development of the annual nationwide Bible drive. If you know of any possibilities for more collection centers, please let us know.

Thank you for your interest.

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