Bible Drive Emailers


Below are some sample email messages that can be shared with family and friends.

Bible Foundation is promoting the USA October Bible Drive. Information is available on the Internet at .

The need for Bibles around the world is great and Bible Foundation is networking with people around the United States to collect and freely send the vast surplus of new and used Bibles to hungry hearts. Everyone can get involved to some extent and information is available on the Internet at .

Since 1987, Bible Foundation has been publishing Bible readings on 3 by 5 inch slips of paper for free mass distribution around the world. As a result, they have received thousands of letters from over 30 countries begging for English Bibles, even damaged ones. Since other ministries in the USA have similar needs, they've networked with a number of them to develop the nationwide Annual October Bible Drive. You can find out about it on the Internet at .

The nationwide Annual October Bible Drive has been developed by Bible Foundation in cooperation with a number of other ministries around the USA that accept donated Bibles, even parts of old Bibles. You can help promote this by passing on this email to family and friends. The program information is at .

Many lives around the world have been transformed from darkness into light, from death unto life, through reading the Holy Bible. Bible Foundation has developed a networking ministry to help anyone interested in the free distribution of Bibles and Bible portions to be able to assist to the extent appropriate for them. Information is available on the Internet at .

A network of Bible collection centers has been developed around the USA. These centers accept used Bibles, even damaged and parts of old Bibles. The need around the world is so great that even the pieces are used. You can find out more on the Internet at .

PO Box 908
Newberg, Oregon 97132
(503) 538-4897

Bible drive materials are available from .