In the U.S.A., Bible Foundation collects and redistributes new and used English Bibles for spiritually hungry people around the world. The cry for Bibles is great. Since English is in wide use around the world, many in foreign countries want English Bibles. The BIBLE DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM allows you to impact the lives of many people with God's Word. Everyone can help.


Many ministries ship containers overseas and have other ways to transport Bibles around the world. Many people can help collect, store, and transport Bibles to them. Many people can help them collect Bibles and do the work and cover expenses. Everyone can help spread the word about the networking ministry. This is an ongoing ministry, founded in 1987, but since 1992, we have been promoting the annual October Bible Drive which has grown nationally.


Bibles are readily available by contacting friends, churches, thrift stores, garage sales, paper recyclers, etc. Surplus and low cost Bibles, including parts of old Bibles, can be sent prepaid to collection centers around the U.S.A. See . This network has grown much over the years but it is crucial that more and more people get involved and help move Scripture as much as possible.


There are numerous ways that individuals and groups could develop Bible ministries. They could locate ministries overseas that could use Bibles and help get some to them. Shipping methods include the postal service Priority Mail International - Flat rate & Airmail M-Bags, carriers like UPS, DHL, FedX, airfreight companies, freight consolidators, freight forwarders, ministry teams and friends that travel, etc. It also may be possible to purchase Bibles in other countries through the United Bible Society and International Bible Society for local ministries. Please consider occasionally purchasing some low cost Bibles and having them sent to Bible Foundation.


Mail bags may be mailed by air. The“M-Bag Book Surface rate” service was discontinued in May of 2007. The new regulations made it much more expensive and more involved. Bible Foundation can provide names and addresses of people in many countries that need Bibles and will share with others. Since addresses and circumstances change over time, mailings should be timely. This is a Bible ministry. If people have other agendas or pet doctrines to promote, it is not appropriate. Those desiring names and addresses for mailing “just Scripture” should contact Bible Foundation, identifying themselves and their location, and telling a little about themselves and their interest in mailing Bibles. Request “current names and addresses for mailing just Scripture.”


To send Bibles using M-Bags, pack a minimum of 11 pounds of Bibles in a box with packing material to make the load tight. Plastic grocery bags make nice packing material and are useable overseas. Securely tape the box. Put the mailing address slightly right and below center and the name of the country is to be in CAPITAL letters on the last line, by itself. Put the return address in the upper left corner in from the edges. Where postage normally goes put “POSTAGE PAID - M-BAG”. You will need to contact your local post office or web page for more detailed information. Click on the link for the country you want and go to the end of section 230 for flat rate priority mail rates or section 260 for the M-Bag Direct Sack rate. Then click on the number 260 link to go to the instruction page for preparing the packages, sacks, & PS Tag 158.


A minimum of 11 pounds and up to a maximum of 65 pounds all going to the same addressee may be placed in one mailbag for about $4.00 to $5.00 (2009 rates) per pound for most countries. More than one package (to the SAME ADDRESS) is permitted in each bag but each one MUST be addressed individually. When requesting a white or gray mail bag “M-Bag” at the post office, also ask for an M-Bag tag “PS Tag 158”. The postage goes on the tag along with the “TO” and “FROM” addresses. The tag is to be tied on the OUTSIDE of the bag. Always verify the postage charges when mailing since clerks may inadvertently charge the wrong rate.


BIBLE FOUNDATION maintains a focus on moving Scripture without presenting doctrinal positions. Whatever you do will bear eternal results. Start with the simplest thing you can do and watch God bless.

“The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Psalms 68:11

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