Collection and Distributing used Bibles


Many individuals get very creative in ways to collect surplus Bibles. Writers have had articles published that inspire others and Sunday School classes have generated class projects; retired people have started other ministries.

One couple in Ohio mailed over 13,000 Bibles overseas. One children's choir in Louisiana gave a program with emphasis on the need for Bibles around the world. This inspired community involvement and Bibles plus several hundred dollars were sent for the Bible ministry.

One man in Saint Louis, MO organized and promoted several annual Bible drives, collecting thousands of Bibles (at his own expense). Truckers have donated free freight services for the transporting of many tons of Bibles and portions. Accountants, attorneys, other professionals, printers, etc, have donated services.

Volunteers have read and processed many thousands of letters requesting Bibles, and have answered these requests. Some have prepared and sent many hundreds of mailbags containing Bibles, overseas. Donors have supplied the funds to make this ministry possible.

One Christian organization ran an article in their newsletter titled, "Bibles Have Afterlife". When some radio stations promoted this story, people who heard, got involved by collecting and mailing Bibles.

There are a number of Christian bookstores in Oregon that collect Bibles year 'round. One of the stores receives a surprisingly large number of Bibles frequently. The owner said one man brings in most of them. The store was involved with accepting the Bibles so they could be distributed to spiritually needy people around the world. The man said he has taken it on as his own personal ministry to scrounge as many Bibles as possible.

For a number of years, BIBLE FOUNDATION has promoted annual Bible drives in the Pacific Northwest. The drives were successful and the Christian community gave broad support. One year, a distant, small town radio station promoted a Bible drive and had the Bibles brought to the station. A volunteer then went and got them. One nonprofit organization volunteered the use of its thrift stores in various towns to collect Bibles. They hold them in a central place until another volunteer can get them.

One Christian radio station promoted the NORTHWEST BIBLE DRIVE in California and Arizona. The interested callers were referred to collection centers in those states. BIBLE FOUNDATION has been promoting the collection and redistribution of surplus Bibles since 1992. It has been establishing a network with other Christian organizations that will accept Bibles - even parts of old Bibles.

One December, a radio station in central Illinois did its own Bible drive hoping to get 500 Bibles. They received over 3,500 and rented a truck to haul most of them to a master collection center about 100 miles away.

There is no end to the creative opportunities available. God provides for what He wants to accomplish. Please ask Him if He would have you get involved in some way.

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