Who Needs Bibles?

By Glenn A. Hascall


Synopsis: Two women discuss the idea of a Bible Drive to help place Bibles in the hands of people who really need them.

Cast Requirements: Two Women, Betty & Sally

Setting: A living room.

Props: Two chairs or a couch, coffee table. Two tea cups and spoons. Sheets of printing paper and three Bibles.

(Door bell)

BETTY: (Opens Door) Sally! Come in, come in.

SALLY: Thanks. (Looks around) What a lovely home.

BETTY: What a nice thing to say. (Pause) Oh, before I forget, I brewed a pot of herbal tea.

SALLY: You remembered!

BETTY: A bit of sugar?

SALLY: That's right.

BETTY: I'll be right back. (Leaves stage)

SALLY: (Looks at a print out of an email on the coffee table) Bible Drive? Recycle Bibles? Hmm.

BETTY: (Brings two cups of tea and sits them on the coffee table) I see you found the email.

SALLY: What's it for?

BETTY: Bibles! What else?

SALLY: Who needs Bibles, Betty? I'd be happy to buy you one if you need one.

BETTY: Oh, no, not me, Sally. I heard about this idea to gather new and used Bibles. I think our church should do it or at the very least our Sunday School class.

SALLY: You mean someone takes used Bibles?

BETTY: Oh yeah!!! Bible Foundation works with English speaking people around
the world who need Bibles and then they work with people here in America to help supply the Bibles they are asking for.

SALLY: Come on there can't be that many people who need Bibles, I mean they have them in motels for goodness sake. You make it sound like they can't get a Bible any other way.

BETTY: Many of them can't. Some countries don't allow Bibles to be sold, and many are in trouble with their governments if they are caught with a Bible.

SALLY: Really? I had no idea!

BETTY: Many people don't. (Reaches for a stack on the table) Here, look at these.

SALLY: Study Bible, Devotional Bible & a Praise & Worship Bible.

BETTY: That's right and I don't use any of them any more. Oh, they're good Bible's. I just don't need them.

SALLY: So you're going to send them to, uh...

BETTY: Bible Foundation.

SALLY: Bible Foundation, and then they send them out to someone else.

BETTY: That's right. They will either send it to one individual or as many as three. They even work with Christians in many countries to make these Bibles available as a way to help spread the gospel.

SALLY: But it's just three Bibles.

BETTY: And three Bibles mean that three people will be able to read God's Word. Some have never been able to do that. Here, let me read this to you (Picks up email) Churches and Bible schools in some English speaking countries have few if any Bibles. Requests arrive expressing needs for hundreds and even thousands of Bibles. Many times we can only send a few because of the high demand for Bibles

SALLY: Hmm. So if each person in our church could find one Bible to bring...

BETTY: Then we would have a lot of Bible's to send. Who knows, (Picking up the Bibles) one of these Bibles could lead someone to Christ. It certainly isn't doing any good sitting on my shelf.

SALLY: I can think of two Bibles right now that I haven't used in a while.

BETTY: Guess what, we're already up to five Bibles.

SALLY: It's a start. We can pray that others would join us. (Pause)

BETTY: Say, let's head back to the kitchen and freshen up our tea.

SALLY: Good Idea.

(Both women exit stage)

In Conclusion: Pastor or lay leader should provide further information about the Bible Drive, directing congregations attention to a collection box. Provide encouragement to fill the box to overflowing. One good way to visually get the ball rolling is to place any unused Bibles from the church (i.e. replaced pew Bibles or old gift Bibles) that would no longer be used in the box. Provide portions of letters (Available on this website - www.bf.org) to help drive home the point that Bibles are desperately needed. Above all, praise the congregation for their participation. Some people may not have Bibles to spare, but they might be able to help pay for the postage to ship the Bibles. There are numerous ways for your congregation to get involved.

This skit may be freely used to promote the collection of Bibles for free distribution.

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