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North America Bible Networking Project
A network of independents gathering Bibles before they are destroyed for paper pulp
and getting the surplus to hungry hearts around the world.

1. Shippers Ministries, businesses, ethnic communities, etc.
2. Master Collection centers Accepts even damaged Bibles & gets the surplus moving.
3. Collection sites Accepts Bibles & takes surplus to collection centers.
4. Gatherers There are many ways to gather Bibles. Let people know you do it.
5. Transporters Helps move loads as necessary.
6. Publicity Radio stations are key but everyone can publicize.
7. Wanted poster With picture of the Bible, says "bring Bibles here."
8. Everyone Can help the network grow in many ways.
9. www.bf.org Website provides much resource information.
10. International connections Needs to find people in USA to accept Bibles for them.
11. Personal Bible ministries Focus on aspects that suit time and interest.
12. Steps to get involved Click on subject in left column.
Everyone is encouraged to focus on what they can do, with what they have, where they are at, when they can, and seek God out of Scripture, and call on God for wisdom, and ask HIM for thoughts and ideas on how they can help.

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