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October 31, 1997

Dear Friend,

October Bible Drive: The sixth annual drive received great publicity and much far reaching community support and large loads of Bibles continue to come in. The publicity included several newspaper articles and radio interviews. A nice surprise was the additional publicity received by K-LOVE radio in California and Arizona.

It takes a lot of cooperation to move the loads: In April a Newberg business man arranged for 2 pallets of Bible portions to be shipped from Ohio to Newberg. Over the months, after the balance was ready, the trucking ministry in Indianapolis picked up the other 9 pallets in Ohio and took them to Atlanta to a firm that took them to Florida. The Florida company brought 3 of them to Portland and took the other 6 to a freight company in northern California who had already received 3 pallets of used Bibles from a Washington based trucking firm that had picked them up in Newberg. The northern California company took the 9 pallets to our contact in Hollywood, California that will distribute them except for 2 pallets of Spanish Bible portions that were picked up there by relatives of an evangelist in El Salvador to start them on their journey to Central America. This was many tons of donated freight, saving thousands of dollars.

M-bag party in Newberg: Ten volunteers prepared 101 mail bags with Bibles and portions to go to 30 countries. Appreciation goes to host Free Methodist Church.

Internet at work: Folks around the country have been requesting information on collecting Bibles and also on mailing them overseas. Assistance was given to one query from Japan seeking a source for Spanish Bibles by referring to the local United Bible Society office.

From the mail bag:

The cry for Bibles and portions is immense. Thousands around the nation and around the world partner with efforts and contributions to freely move God's word. The value of every dollar donated is multiplied many fold as a result. Praise God for what he is doing.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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