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Jerry Kingery, President

October 30, 1998

Dear Friend,

Radio stations and publications ran publicity about the nationwide and northwest Bible drives. Also the website and email autoresponder continues to give out much information through and This year through the end of October, Bible Foundation received about 8,000 Bibles, Testaments, etc.

Of the many calls, letters and email queries we’ve received this quarter, it was a pleasure to assist with requests from Israel, Scotland and South Africa.

Cowboys and children in Oklahoma receive God’s love. Folks there have a saddle shop with boot repair, leatherwork, blacksmith, and a library. They are also involved with a rodeo company and have Bibles and Christian literature available at no charge in the shop and at the rodeo.

The Bible mystery man started dropping off hundreds of Bibles at a time at one of the collection centers. The frequency of every two to three weeks made it more mysterious. One day in conversation he told the storeowner that because the Bible ministry was there, getting used Bibles to needy people around the world, he took it on as a personal ministry to collect as many Bibles as possible, scrounging them wherever he could, even climbing into dumpsters when needed.

The bread man showed up September 15, part of the crew delivering several tons of the Bread of Life. The Bibles and portions were brought to Newberg from the Midwest by a ministry God raised up to help with the free and low cost transportation of Bibles.


From the mail bag:

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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