January 2, 1996

Bible Foundation
PO Box 908
Newberg, OR 97132-0908
(503) 538-4897

Dear Friend,

You are invited to an open house and work party Monday, January 15 between 7 and 8 p.m. Come and go as you please. Look at the photos and materials that show the ministry; visit and ask questions, and help package some Bibles for mailing, if you feel like it.

Churches are asked to send representatives and announce in their services and groups that there are volunteer opportunities to help send thousands of Bibles overseas. The Scripture ministry has many aspects, including courier opportunities for international travelers and military personnel. Folks that would like to get involved are encouraged to explore the possibilities.

The NW Bible drive was a wonderful success with almost 6,000 Bibles, Testaments, etc. coming in during October and November, with over 7,000 for the whole year. Just before the end of the year, $2,500.00 was donated for the purchase of another 2,000+ one dollar Bibles and another $1,000.00 was donated which can be used for postage. Rejoice with us in all that the Lord is doing.

From the mail bag:

Please come if possible Monday, January 15, 1995, 7-8 PM at Newberg Friends Church, 307 South College Street in Newberg, in the Barclay A room of the back building. Parking is available behind the church, off 4th Street.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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