January 13, 1997

Bible Foundation
PO Box 908
Newberg, OR 97132-0908
(503) 538-4897

Dear Friend,

1996 was a great year: The Lord continues to raise up folks to help move Scripture. Over 5700 Bibles, NT's, etc. were collected last year with over 3200 of them coming in after the October drive started. The mail volume escalated and over 20,000 letters came in from around the world. More and more people are finding out that they can get involved and assist with moving Scriptures to needy hearts.

Praise God! Trucker Dan has agreed to assist with moving some very needed cartons from southern California to Newberg. The printer in Ohio has printed the 10,000,000 portions and they are now being cut, cartoned, and palletized. Please pray that we will be able to work out good transportation arrangements.

Rejoice with us! The mail we receive continues to bring wonderful heart warming stories of how God is delivering souls and people are growing in the Lord and learning to commune with the Lord. Bibles have been moving into Europe and our Austrian connection established a contact in Ireland. Saint Louis, MO reported good success with the Bible drive with more participation.

From the mail bag:

Folks that will be in the Newberg area Monday, January 20, 1997 are invited to an open house from 7 to 8 p.m. Photos, materials, visiting and an optional work project will be available at Newberg Friends Church, 307 South College Street in Newberg, in the Barclay A room of the back building. Parking is available behind the church, off 4th Street.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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