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January 22, 1998

Dear Friend,

M-bag parties are a success. We had three in 1997 and the next is scheduled for the 28th of February, 9am at North Valley Friends Church on College Ave. at North Valley Road. We put out over 100 mail bags of Bibles to about 30 countries and more people keep getting involved.

How do you put a value on it? Thousands of people, organizations, radio stations, publishers, etc. around the United States are getting involved and doing what they can. Many thousands of Bibles and millions of Bible portions go around the world. People receive them and the distribution process continues. There is great joy knowing one's efforts and contributions are multiplied many times. A little money goes a very long way.

The internet continues to generate interesting opportunities. Our web site receives thousands of "hits" a month. This brings some interesting email. A man in Norway requested information so he could mail English Bibles from Norway. A man in Mozambique emailed and requested Bibles be sent to him via Zimbabwe.

A great wintertime blessing was bestowed on many of the local volunteers. A shipper that has donated many tons of free freight services to us over the last 10 years had 2 crates of fresh gladiolas in Portland to dispose of and he let us have them. The flowers were shared amongst many of the volunteers and brought a beautiful and colorful wintertime blessing that was greatly enjoyed.

From the mail bag:

Please pray that the Lord will provide for much more Scripture to go out and then do what you can.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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