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Jerry Kingery, President

March 25, 2003

Dear Friend,

Bible Drives spread: Many people around the country have gotten involved with the collection and distribution of used Bibles. One radio station in Illinois did a local drive in December, hoping to get 500 Bibles. They were astonished to receive over 3,500. What they didn’t use locally, they hauled in a rented truck to the master collection center about 100 miles away. Individuals, groups, organizations, and churches collect used Bibles and purchase low cost new ones.

Networking works: The Bible master collection centers around North American make it easier for people near them to do Bible drives. Donors make it possible for Bible Foundation to send out thousands of Bibles and millions of Bible portions. Many folks are helping individually in many ways. A young man in Sweden is helping send Bibles into Iran. A lady in Canada is sending Bibles into Liberia. A lady in Georgia requested more Bible portions and said “I always feel so on fire for the Lord” when handing them out. A lady in Oregon is doing online research to find chaplains that can use the Bible reading packets.

The Internet connection: Since 1996, we have provided at no cost many etexts including some public domain Bible texts to Bible software programmers. Millions of people have access to materials that came through the web site. Our web site still generates much interest and also many requests for Bibles. We registered two other domains. and which point to our web site. Requests come in from many countries, besides the USA. In recent months we have even been receiving requests from China and Iran. Recently, we received our first request from Algeria.

Small packages from Newberg, OR: Many people provide the Bibles, money, and labor to respond to thousands of requests a year with small packages of used English Bibles and Bible portions. Much is being done but please pray the Lord will provide for much more to be done.

From the mail bag:

The cry for Bibles and portions is immense. Thousands of people around the nation and around the world harmonize efforts and contributions to freely move God’s word. The value of every dollar donated is multiplied many fold as a result. Praise God for what he is doing.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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