April 8, 1996

Bible Foundation
PO Box 908
Newberg, OR 97132-0908
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Dear Friend,

How do you collect and mail thousands of Bibles to needy people around the world? You don't, unless the Lord raises up lots of folks with the heart to help. Many people in Oregon and around the country have gotten involved but the demand for Bibles continues to escalate, outstripping the ability to supply. Letters begging for Bibles once coming in at a rate of 30 to 40 a week now come in at a rate of 300 to 400 a week with 723 last week.

Trucker Dan! A man in Newberg that donates warehouse space for the Bible ministry read in January about the radio station in Coos Bay, Oregon that wanted to do a Bible drive there and thought of his brother that worked for a Christian radio station in Redding, California. He suggested I contact him which and when I did, he told me about a trucker that had come into the station 4 years earlier and offered to transport materials for Christian groups on occasion at no cost but he said he was moving and only left his old phone number and the name of the small town he was moving to. Since we needed to have a pallet of Bibles brought from Hollywood, California to Newberg, Oregon, I tracked the man down and called his house. His wife said he worked for someone else now and was not in a position to do that anymore. As we talked she suggested I contacted a retired trucking broker in a small town in southern Oregon. I did and he referred me to several others. One of those also referred me to several others and then said "What town did you say you were in?" When I said "Newberg," he told me about trucker Dan. He said Dan drove truck to Los Angeles every week and might be able to haul the load. I contacted Dan and we made arrangements and within a few weeks, the load was in Newberg, at no cost to Bible Foundation. We tried for many months to find a way to get the Bibles to Newberg and it happened in a most fascinating roundabout way.

Please pray that the Lord will provide a new printing source for the Scripture portions and that he will raise up more help to mail thousands of Bibles to begging hearts overseas. Rejoice with us in all that the Lord is doing.

From the mail bag:

Folks that will be in the Newberg area Monday, April 15, 1996 are invited to an open house from 7 to 8 p.m. Photos, materials, visiting and an optional work project will be available at Newberg Friends Church, 307 South College Street in Newberg, in the Barclay A room of the back building. Parking is available behind the church, off 4th Street.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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