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Jerry Kingery, President

April 30, 1998

Dear Friend,

The Lord continues to bless the Bible ministry. Month after month, Bibles and portions flow out. The web site receives thousands of hits and "tons" of information and files flow. Dozens of emails come in from around the world. One doctor in Great Britain sent a contribution with the statement: "Let me say again that I really do share in your desire to make God known to others. May God be with you." The encouragement is greatly appreciated. One lady in South Dakota wrote that she had another 50 Bibles ready to mail overseas.

What a blessing. One lady provided the funds to purchase a batch of Picture Bibles (comic book style) from International Bible Society and then placed them in doctors offices. One contact in Malawi said they take the Scripture to "homes, hospitals, prisons, schools, markets, small churches, bus stations, railways stations, and an open air meetings just to mention few." Bible Foundation relies heavily on donated storage and freight services. Please pray with us about transportation needs in Texas.

From the mail bag:

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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