July 8, 1996

Bible Foundation
PO Box 908
Newberg, OR 97132-0908
(503) 538-4897

Dear Friend,

The mail floods in! Most of the mail is from overseas but requests for the free Scripture portions and trays from stateside continue to come in also. The volume of foreign mail has escalated from 300 to 400 letters a week to over 1,000 letters a week with a high week of over 1350. The present volunteer staff was able to keep current with about 750 letters a week; so, you can see the Lord continues to provide opportunities for more volunteers. The need for the Scriptures is ever so great.

Speaker available. If you know of anyone looking for a speaker please let them know about Bible Foundation. I am even available for small group home meetings.

Please pray that the Lord will provide the volunteers and means to distribute many more tons of Scripture around the world.

From the mail bag:

Folks that will be in the Newberg area Monday, July 15, 1996 are invited to an open house from 7 to 8 p.m. Photos, materials, visiting and an optional work project will be available at Newberg Friends Church, 307 South College Street in Newberg, in the Barclay A room of the back building. Parking is available behind the church, off 4th Street.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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