July 31, 1997

Bible Foundation
PO Box 908
Newberg, OR 97132-0908
(503) 538-4897
Dear Friend,

Donated freight: A new contact can help with picking up loads of Bibles in upstate Ohio and pallets of one million Bible portions in southwest Ohio from our printer. He can deliver pallets to Chicago and hold pallets in Indianapolis for pickup by the Florida trucker to bring to Oregon. He can also take pallets to Georgia to a firm which can take them to the Florida trucker who can take them to northern California to a firm that can deliver them to the destination. Also an Oregon based company will take pallets from Newberg to California. It takes a little juggling but God has raised up an incredible network of donated Bible freight.

Ten brand new NIV Braille Bibles became available in Portland, Oregon and we took them to a blind man that has been sending materials to blind people since 1984. He will handled the distribution and told us he especially wanted to get some to blind schools in Africa.

M-bag party in Newberg: ten volunteers prepared 90 mail bags with Bibles and portions to go to 30 countries. Appreciation goes to host Newberg Christian Church.

Nationally: Ten year old Jeremy in Georgia wrote saying he likes our little tracts and would like to receive some. Lamar in Tennessee shared that he received the giant print Scripture portions for their nursing home ministry. They have about 35 services a month and read the portions to the residents and then leave them. Often they're asked to leave more for residents that didn't make it to the service. Lamar has had 4 heart by pass operations and is not able to work but enjoys distributing Scripture and has seen many ask Jesus to save them. Several years ago when living in Iowa, Mike heard about Bible Foundation on the radio and started to collect old Bibles and Christian literature. After moving to Mississippi he's started up again and is running an ad in the newspaper and got a list of over 5,000 churches in the State and is mailing to about 100 a month. He says: "I have never enjoyed working on something more in my life."

From the mail bag:

Please pray that the Lord will raise up more folks in Newberg to help with the increasing work loads.

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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