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Jerry Kingery, President

July 27, 1998

Dear Friend,

Mail and email continue to come in and Bibles and Bible portions continue to go out. June saw another mail bag party in Newberg with 100 bags of Bibles going out. The internet traffic continues to increase. More people around the United States are getting involved.

A strange coincident occurred recently when a lady sent an email seeking a Braille Bible for a special need. It so happened that a brand new Braille New Testament was donated and it satisfied the need.

The big story is the launch of the USA Nationwide Bible Drive. July 27, 1998 saw the program materials go up on the internet and the mail server. Materials are available at and the email version is available by sending a blank email to Publicity materials have been mailed to over 200 Chirstian publications.

From the mail bag:

Bible Foundation
Jerry Kingery

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