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The fifth annual Bible drive in the Northwest saw over 3,200 Bibles, NT's, etc. collected through the end of the year making over 5,700 for the whole year. Plus donations were made for the purchase of 4,284 one dollar Bibles making the grand total over 10,000 for the year.

Collecting year round with the push of the October drive is made possible by the participating Christian bookstores, and many hundreds of people and organizations. Christian Supply Center stores collected the most Bibles. Much appreciation goes to all that assisted, including KPDQ, KKSL, K-Love, KHPE radio stations.

Bibles go to hospitals, nursing homes, inner city churches & ministries, rescue missions, ship ministries, prison & jail ministries, homeless shelters, street ministries, ethnic neighborhood ministries, migrant camps, individual ministries, overseas container shipments, and direct mail to individuals and groups around the world.

Over 100 countries use English. The demand for Bibles, Testaments, and portions is growing with over 20,000 letters coming in from around the world in 1996. Mozambique refugees in Malawi, Sudan refugees in Uganda, lepers in India, prisoners in the Philippines, students in Trinidad, seafarers in Senegal, Juju priest converts in Nigeria, plus thousands more need English Bibles.

As thousands of Bibles and millions of Bible portions go around the world, many lives are transformed. It is wonderful to have a part in the lives of people around the world. All who have helped should feel much blessed. The following comments from Sri Lanka show how the Bible Foundation Scripture tracts work their way into very remote places around the globe and provide opportunities for folks to assist with moving Bibles to exotic lands.

I write to you having had the blessed opportunity of reading just one tract published by you. I am a born again Christian serving the Lord in this remote Buddhist and Hindu village where the gospel of our Lord Jesus has not been preached before, and in charge of a few born again Christians who are actively involved with me in preaching, teaching, and witnessing about the Lord Jesus in hospitals, prisons and from house to house. We do not belong to any denomination, but serve the Lord of our own free will. The reason I write is to very humbly appeal to you to send us a grant of these greatly needed tracts along with any other literature you could spare to help us win lost souls and strengthen new believers in their faith.

Besides all the people involved with the collection of the Bibles, the many volunteers that work behind the scenes are greatly appreciated. Special thanks to all that had a part.

Jerry Kingery

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