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The Bible Foundation 8th Annual October Bible Drive was a great success both nationally and in the Pacific Northwest. Interest in the on going used Bible ministry continues to spread around the country and into Canada and the annual drive generates much publicity. Many radio stations ran publicity and the Billy Graham Association Decision Magazine ran an article on the ministry. The network on independent collection centers includes AL, AZ, CA, GA, IL, KY, MI, OR, PA, VA, WA, WI, and Canada.

In the Pacific Northwest co-operation included K-LOVE Radio, KPDQ, KPAM, KKPZ & KKSL, KHPE, KWIL, KEED, Christian News Northwest, Mission Portland, Promise Keepers, Christian Supply, Christian Marketplace, and Emmanuel Gospel Supply, plus many others including 20 plus collection points in Oregon and Washington. This resulted in more than 13,000 Bibles, New Testaments, etc. coming in for the year. The majority came in from the "Bible mystery man." This retired man puts about 32,000 miles a year on his little car. He eats very frugally and spends his money buying Bibles at thrift stores and scrounging them wherever he can.

Bibles and Bible portions continue to go throughout the United States and to over 30 countries. They go to ministries, hospitals, nursing homes, inner city churches, rescue missions, ship ministries, prisons & jails, homeless shelters, street ministries, ethnic neighborhoods, migrant camps, individuals, remote villages around the world, and refugee camps.

Many requests from around the world come in begging for Bibles. Since we can not supply every request, we often send a set of Bible portions with instructions to read them over many times, asking the Lord to reveal himself through the words. Then we ask the writer to write again and tell us how God has used his word in their life. From Ghana, one young person wrote: "Now, I am going to tell you how God has used His word in my life. God words has made me repented from my sins. God words has made me a good person in my studies. God words has lead me into a good life. God words has made me love my enemies as He loves me. God words has made me to proclaim the good news to all peoples and God words has change my life. That is what God has used his words in my life. So I want you to provide me a Holy Bible so that I can used the Bible to say the good news of God. Please, I know that you will give it to me. I am waiting for you soon."

A contact in India wrote: "Hindu violence against Christian believers have sacked 50 churches and burned 4 to the ground in India where 600 people have been killed. In India and Sri-Lanka the church if full of people who want to follow Jesus but have no Bibles. Will you please to remember every time you read the Bible that millions have no Bible to read in India and Sri-Lanka. Please remember to send us more Bibles to these spiritually hungry people...Please send us more Bibles for Jewish people, prison ministry, Buddhist, Sinhalies majority and the largely Hindu Tamile who are fighting for an independent state. We also need the Bible for India and Pakistan battlefield."

Everyone that helps with the Bible ministry, including the many volunteers that work behind the scenes, is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to all that had a part. Bible drive materials are available on web site or by sending an email with no message in it to

Jerry Kingery

BIBLE FOUNDATION PO Box 908 Newberg, Oregon 97132 (503) 538-4897, email:


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