Networking for Sending Bibles




Vast quantities of Bibles are routinely being destroyed for paper pulp. Website lists churches, individuals, & groups, that can accept even damaged Bibles from the public and then use, distribute, and/or transport them. Many people in the USA ship things overseas and want all the Bibles they can get. A WANTED POSTER with a mugshot of the Bible can be downloaded and info can be printed on the back. Everyone can share this information so people can get Bibles.


Groups wanting projects have many options with Bible networking. Doing Bible drives and collecting Bibles is always fun. Developing skits and putting them on can be very enjoyable. Getting newspapers, radio stations, and publications to promote your project is very satisfying. Researching and finding more people to be collection centers that are able to transport surplus Bibles to master collection centers is very rewarding.


Everyone can help collect Bibles and tell others about it too. A Wanted Poster with the mugshot of the Bible can be downloaded from The info can be printed on the back of the poster. The posters can be displayed and distributed to others that could do the same. Churches and groups can use and distribute what they can and then pass on the surplus to a collection center that can keep them moving.


Bibles that are not "gooey," even damaged Bibles may be mailed to BIBLE FOUNDATION (and other qualified organizations), using the low cost "LIBRARY RATE," (which needs to be written on the package). The per pound rate is the same from any address in the U.S.A. You may want to take a copy of the postmaster letter with you to the post office. For the Bible Foundation mailing and shipping address Click here .


Many ministries in the U.S.A. and Canada accept even damaged Bibles and ship the surplus around the world or to ministries that do. See Please help find more such ministrires. Details are at the end of the list. Everyone can help the network grow. People that want to help can do some simple things. A google search for <Chritian ministries container cityname> may help find ministries in that cityname area that ship containers overseas. A simple question to ask: "do you accept even damaged Bibles for sending around the world or do you know any ministries that do?" A search for ethnic churches may reveal some that want English Bibles to ship back home. Anyone can become a missionary right from home and help people around the world receive Bibles. Schools, churches, groups, & individuals can all help. Social networking, spreading the word, getting publications and broadcasters involved all help.


A Bible collection site in every community and a master collection center in every region of the USA and Canada is the goal. If you can set up a collection site to gather Bibles and get them to a master collection center please contact Bible Foundation. As collection sites are established, individuals, groups, ministries, all can gather Bibles and take them to the collection sites. Churches, organizations, camp & conference centers, schools, businesses could post Bible wanted posters and set out Bible collection boxes and pass on the Bibles. Friends and family members in outlying areas could get their churches and groups to be collection sites and then bring the Bibles to the sites closer to the master collection center.


Everyone can help spread the word, from major media outlets to junior asking grandma and grandpa to collect Bibles in their church. Radio stations, publications. Social networking makes it easy on the Internet. "Pass them on" is the answer to the oft asked question, "what do you do with old Bibles." As the networking grows in an area, more and more people can easily gather and pass on loads of Bibles.


US Postal regulations changed in May 2007 and eliminated the economy mail bag service and established global priority mail flat rate airmail service. It made mailing Bibles to other countries much more expensive. The rate in 2009 allowed up to 4 pounds to be inserted in the priority flat rate envelope for $12.95 to most countries. Individual mail bags or M-Bags may still be mailed expensively by air. (11 pound minimum $4.10 to $5.10 per pound, 2009 rates) click here for more information. It is not cost effective to mail large amounts of Bibles to other countries.


As the network grows, Bible freight needs to be moved around the U.S.A. The more freight connections, the more master collection centers can be developed. Click here to request by email the current list of freight transportation needs. Many areas of the country need master collection centers. Without being able to move out loads of Bibles a couple of times a year, they are difficult to establish. Loads would need to be transported to ministries that ship containers like those in Decatur, AL 35603, Bell, CA 90201, Butler, IL 62015and Spring Grove, PA 17362.


A pastor in Kenya, East Africa says that there are many people in the area that need English Bibles but most of them are so poor they can not buy one or even decent clothes.

A minister in Zambia wrote that thousands of people are responding in their crusades but they don't have Bibles. They want as many English Bibles as possible.

The president of a work in Trinidad and Tobago said they minister in Junior Colleges and hold seminars in churches. For a year and a half they have been trying to find American sources of used Bibles and want at least 200.

A thirteen year old boy with Muslim parents became a Christian and asked for a Bible and prayer that his parents may be delivered from the power of darkness.

A Ghana man shot his wife and her lover dead and was sentenced to death and became a Christian and was miraculously saved from the death squad. He wrote from prison asking for a Bible.

The pastor of a large work in Malawi wrote that thousands of people are asking for Scripture and he pleads for Bibles for them.

A young Ghana man wrote "I am on my knee's begging you to send me one of your Bibles."

A man in Tanzania said English is common and Bibles are needed.

A ministry in Nepal wrote and requested Bibles, saying the new generation would rather read the Bible in English.

A lady in the Philippines wrote that the Cebuano people are hungry for the word of God but most can't afford to purchase a Bible.

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